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kent, wa 98035-0784
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Washington State Council of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
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"Thank you for your support!"
 Check out this video of Camp Eyabsut 2012!

Thanks to tremendous support from our friends at the northwest Washington family of TACO BELL restaurants, NINTENDO, JH KELLY and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, as well as the grass-root efforts of many more individuals and corporations, Camp Eyabsut 2012 was a great success!

We must now lay the foundation to support Camp Eyabsut going forward for many years to come!

Thank You for all your support!  Please continue to give and support this great program for burn injured children!
Here are just a few brief comments, taken from the many testimonials we receive each year from campers, counselors and their families!
 Megan was doing a class project in which she had to describe herself. She included "burned" as a descriptor. I was worried if that was the only way she saw herself. She smiled and said "mom, I'm glad I got burned. If it didn't happen I wouldn't have met some really amazing people. Its who I am!"  I about fell to my knees. Thank you Eyabsut family for caring for and loving my daughter. WE have raised a beautiful young lady! ~ Denise C., Camper's Mom
My mother once told me "your family may not be blood, you just have to find them" ..my search is over! ~ Kearsha, Camper
Getting burned changed how people see me. Summer camp made me comfortable with that. ~ T.J., 10 year Camper, now Counselor
Eyabsut: Where friendships are formed and shyness dissolves into courage! ~  Lisa, Camper
When you see your child come back from camp, recharged and motivated, sporting a new confidence, words cannot express the gratitude you feel towards the people that make that possible. ~ Clark, Camper's Dad
My son had always been 'ok' with his scars, but after his first year at camp he realized he wasn't alone. And...he now brags about having 'his camp'~ a place he looks frwd to every year.  Seven days at camp CHANGED the inner core of my my old soul 9 yr old. The counselors, staff, the love and laughter CHANGED AND DEFINED my little man. He NEEDS this camp.....as do so many others. ~ Tiara, Camper's Mom
As a counselor watching these kids I'd say camp is where they are free from ridicule and lifetime bonds are formed. ~ Christina
Getting burned changes how people see you. A week at camp changes how you see yourself. ~ Rob, Counselor

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